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Inspired by my late father as a child i was obsessed with fishing for Eels, Flounder, Bass and Mullet in my local river.

Having passed my driving test it was time to head further afield and start chasing Cod, Ray and Bass from the beach. I soon learn't that the weather didn't always play ball and if i wanted to continue to catch fish i needed to adapt and change my target species rather than attempt to catch fish when i wanted to. This lead me to target Carp and Pike from freshwater. If the winds and tides prevented me from catching fish in saltwater i could find a nice lake or river where i was in with a chance of a Pike, Carp or maybe a Tench.


I am happy fishing with bait or lures but if i had to choose between the two i guess it would be lure fishing. Becoming a father and having less time to spare, lure fishing allowed me to grab any opportunity to fish. I could travel light whilst remaining mobile and build up a collection of tackle that would allow me to target fish in both freshwater and saltwater.

About 10 years ago i stumbled on the writings of Keith & Kevin White from Jersey about lure fishing for Wrasse with soft plastics. I had been fishing small crank baits for Wrasse but removing the trebles and replacing the back hook with an EWG hook (sourced via a mate who travel to the USA) to which i added a curly tail grub. This helped but when i saw the White brothers using a Texas rigged soft plastic the penny dropped and i have been obsessed ever since. 

Having gain all this experience and pushed on by my family i started a YouTube channel in 2019. It has been a lot of hard work but with the aid of my son i have gained the skills needed to actually make a half decent job of producing a YouTube video, more to the point i enjoy doing it.

So where am i today? Well if you are reading this you will know that i now have my own Web Page where i hope to bring you more of my thoughts and ideas via my blog. Im new to writing but hope to get better as i go along, bringing you more content that i cannot always convey via my YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sites.

Please join me on my journey. I'm not professing to be an expert but rather somebody who has over 40 years experience and has picked up a few tips and tricks that might help you put a few more fish on the bank.


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