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  BFS Fishing ( Bait Finesse System ) is a way of accurately casting/fishing light lures. It started in Japan where there was a need to cast light lures to heavily pressured fish. It quickly spread throughout Asia and into Europe. We have seen an explosion of interest here in the UK inspired by anglers such as Paul Gaskell, and Jason Vorster . The knowledge base has rapidly increased and now the American market has developed an interest i'm sure tackle availability will rapidly increase.

  I myself am a relative newcomer to the sport and have up to now loved exploring the possibilities of Budget BFS fishing tackle. Seeing the need for such a Facebook page i started "BFS Budget Finesse Fishing", this has lead to a rapid expansion of my own knowledge and i believe of others wishing to dip their toes into the sport. It is possible to buy good quality Budget equipment that will throw lures from 2.5gr upwards competently and also land any sizeable fish you might hook. If you want you can spend a small fortune and modify kit to suit your own personal needs. Budget BFS equipment is rapidly improving, enabling good gear to be accesible to all. Reels such as the Tsurinoya Dark Wolf Ultra and Soloking Acura Hicc-50 have allowed us to cast even lighter lures.

Give BFS a go, but don't blame me if you become addicted!

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